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A workshop to answer these questions. 

"The only vitally important purpose in life is the giving and receiving of love.” The Wisdom of Dying - Michael Murphy.

For those of us in search of what it really means to be fulfilled, to feel seen and heard, to be connected, to be at ease and to feel joy - then relationships - all relationships - have the potential to unlock these things in us.

How is it then that relationships so often leave us feeling misunderstood, frustrated, sad and defeated? Would you like to Know? Would you like to see it all clearly, perhaps for the first time? Would you like to find out how you can do life differently so that this vital thing "the giving and receiving of love" does become your life's purpose and you succeed?

This workshop tells the whole story. We take you on a journey through the ups and downs and the hidden pitfalls of relating to another. But we all need to learn and practise these new skills and we need to do this again and again until we get good at it. 

First we will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to be more present, conscious and alive in your relationship to self and others. Then we will show you all the ways we screw it all up and how we need never do it again

Come along to this one and the next and the next until "giving and reveiving love" becomes second nature to you. The price is just $120 for the day. Click on the Ticket URL and book - 

"Doing the Relationship workshop gave my partner and myself genuine insights into our individual tendencies and 'triggers', which in turn provided us with invaluable tools for deeper connection, intimacy and a sense of lasting joy. We highly recommend this workshop to both individuals and couples” - Daniel and Jenny.




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