• The Relationship School (map)
  • Rowville, VIC
  • Australia

This workshop is the start of a journey that will give you the skills and knowledge that you need to create the kind of relationships you deserve.

The Unconscious! Our unconscious permeates every aspect of our lives and no more powerfully than in relationships. We believe that so much of what we decide and do is rational. It has been shown time and again that we make choices from an unconscious place and a few seconds later rationalise why we chose to do what we do. Therefore we are, to a huge extent, being guided through this life by a part of us that is out of our awareness.  

Today we will uncover these unconscious processes and the way the mind works and how these things play out in relationships and how they hinder the thing we want most of all - love and connection..

This workshop tells the whole story. We take you on a journey through the ups and downs and the hidden pitfalls of relating to another. But we all need to learn and practice these new skills and we need to do this again and again until we get good at it.

First we will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to be more present, conscious and alive in your relationship to self and others. Then we will show you all the ways we screw it all up and how we need never do it again Come along to this one and the next and the next until until 'getting it right' becomes second nature to you. The price is just $120 for the day.

"One word sums it up for me - Powerful!
I loved Robert’s honesty and openness with which he started the day and that somehow gave me permission to look within and be open to possibilities. What I found was surprising but also very enlightening. I realised which patterns become triggers for me; and the gender based social conditioning that is driving some of these patterns. I learned what makes me angry. I learned how to catch myself in my triggered state and I created an opening for me to realise a different relationship from what I have in the past.
I am blessed and grateful to have attended this school and am hoping that Robert and Naz start the weekly practice sessions soon so that I can keep practicing and keep changing the patterns that don’t serve me" Ruby