"Presence, self-assurance, personal power, attraction, charisma, passion - even Love. These are what you will discover you already have when you learn to stop telling yourself that you don't. It really is as simple as that. Come along and find out how."

The work we do with you is a distillation of the insights and techniques from many therapies and teachers. Where they hit upon the truths about us and our relationships we have gathered them together and designed this process - a process that in six short weeks will begin to fundamentally transform your life.

You will learn how to bring an openness and calmness into the way you relate to others, a clarity and power, a resilience and a kind of charisma that brings out the best in you and in whoever you connect to. It's not easy and it's not a quick fix but, at last, it's something that really works.

What we do together is to uncover what is REALLY going on under the surface, bring it into the open and watch it (and you) change. And we do this with clear explanations of the mechanics at work, with practical examples of how we function and dis-function, lots of exercises for you to experience everything yourself and simple guidance in how to effect change.

Each day you attend you will begin to understand more and more just how your unconscious operates, how you acquired negative unconscious beliefs about yourself and what they are (and that they are, in fact, untrue) and the intricate ways in which they sabotaged your relationships. And you will discover how they have, sight unseen, dominated your life.

Then you will learn how to take your life back.

Week One - Presence - Catching the wave and becoming the surfer

  • ·         Learning how to get out of our own way
  •          Tapping in to a stream/flow of awareness beyond the monkey mind
  • ·         Seeing the nature of our negative core beliefs and story telling
  • ·         Tapping into an effortless richness in our connection with others

.Week Two - Triggers - Weathering the storms

  • ·         Why do we sometimes feel so threatened?
  • ·         The Neuroscience of triggers explained - our fight and flight reactions
  • ·         Find out how and why triggers manifest in our relationships
  • ·         Leaning to move through triggers and not get stuck in them

Week Three - Intimate connection - Finding the spark

  • ·         Watching how the power of presence transforms our connections
  • ·         Understanding how fear and self preservation impact intimacy
  • ·         Seeing how core beliefs and unmet needs sabotage our intimacy
  • ·         Tapping into the power of vulnerability

Week Four - Sexuality - The powerhouse of passion

  • ·         Honesty - the aphrodisiac - honestly it is
  • ·         What do I want? What does he/she want? What do we want?
  • ·         When you're hot you're hot - when you're not you're not!
  • ·         Pornography - the secret saboteur, killing desire

Week Five - Self-acceptance - Delighting in all of you

  • ·         We will never be perfect - that's a relief!
  • ·         How change will happen all by itself - just because we want it to
  • ·         Not pushing three-hard - it's all coming together, no need to push

Week Six - Ongoing Practice - Untangling the knot

  • ·         We all need help - it's too hard to do on our own
  • ·         the things we can do by ourselves
  • ·         The neuroscience of change

The course will happen every two weeks on a Sunday afternoon for five hours starting beginning:   July 2

The fee for this, the first course, is a set at an amazingly low $100 per lesson. We will be accepting registrations in June.