Robert Hewitt


"When people gather together and feel safe enough to talk about their fears and dreams there is nearly always a collective sigh of relief.  We each realise that we are not peculiar or especially dysfunctional and that we share much of our pain and confusion."

When I was fifty I met this wild-haired, white-bearded psychoanalyst. My life to that point had been an unusual mixture of spiritual searching, a successful corporate career (boring but successful) and raising a family (never boring). He introduced me, for the first time, to the mysteries and prevalence of the unconscious. Reluctantly (I think he wanted to keep the mysteries to himself) he gave me a book by Carl Rogers - the genius at the beginning of the humanistic therapy revolution. Enthralled and excited I left my job and trained as a Gestalt psychotherapist.

In the last fifteen years I have worked with individuals, with couples, facilitated innovative therapy groups and trained therapists in the practice of truly transformational therapies. Over the years I have watched  the process distilling  down to its essentials and have begun to share with people a more simple understanding of the human condition and direct ways that we can combat our ignorance and confusion. And I have found that this works! The Relationship School has turned out to be the culmination of my journey in that I am able to see it bear fruit in the rapid and direct way that I hoped was possible. And I love doing it.



Naz Ersan


"If we can learn to be more open to be intimate with ourselves, then with others, and finally on a bigger scale with our society, we would then create a shift from anxiety and fear into acceptance and love." 

When I tell people that I am a counsellor, people often ask if I get bogged down with people's problems. I always answer that I feel privileged to be able to do this work. I have intimate conversations with people from all walks of life. They get to come in to my room, take all their masks off and reveal their inner most fears, secrets and desires. I see that not as a burden, but something to celebrate. When I was much younger, I read a quote from Carl Jung which said that you can only take someone as far as you have gone yourself. So I take my job seriously but I have fun with it too. I find fun in getting to learn just as much from my clients as they do from me, it's an Interplay of process. That's how therapy in my room comes alive. The explorations, strategies, and processes I incorporate in to my workshops and one on one therapy, I also apply to my own life. Counselling is not just what I do for a living, it's a way of life. 

My specialty is the topic and process of intimacy. I believe that exploring our understandings and misunderstandings of intimacy can help us grow and live more fulfilling lives. With over 15 years experience as a counsellor and using specific modalities in Emotion focussed, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy, I have grown in my career to focus on intimate relationships. I have worked with families, couples and individuals from all walks of life. I have given lectures on relationship issues, interpersonal dynamics and mental health.